TOC, Lean, Six Sigma?

There are many methodologies to chose from when leading a company into continuous improvement project.  From the highly acclaimed Toyota Production System, to Lean, to Six Sigma, to Theory of Constraints, each of them has the same end state in mind, just different ways to get there.   
During the last decade we have seen a trend to start to join the different approaches, to get superior results.   We have even seen new buzz words such as Lean Six Sigma and TOC Lean Six Sigma, and the results of using each one alone or combined have been published in the past
There are also new books that have come out showing how you can get superior results by using TOC, Lean and Six Sigma, such as Epiphanized and Profitability Without Boundaries.  But always remember, no matter what you choose, focus on principles first and then on the tools themselves.
So what are you using to improve your organization today?
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