I had been thinking for a while of a different way to give back.   Not the you usually do when volunteering at your local not for profit.  A way to use your particular skills to create change in others.

I started reading the blog of James Altucher.  He suggests waking every day with a single thought:

Who can I help today?  

And then send that person a list of ideas of how they can improve.

Because my passion is improving businesses, I thought about how to apply this idea for business.   A friend suggested I send ideas to companies I knew on how they could improve.

But what companies should I focus on?  Even if  I volunteered my efforts, few would accept.

We’re too busy right now.  We don’t need any help.  What kind of authority are you anyways?

Over the years, I’ve learned that good ideas often come from unexpected places.   Sometimes, the person that is “Parachuted” in a business, will bring a fresh perspective, that will result in a breakthrough idea.

So I thought:  why not search for companies online, choose one randomly, investigate what they do and send them ideas that might be useful to them?

I knew it was a long shot.  With minimal knowledge of the business, how would these ideas have any relevance to the company?

It was crazy, but I decided to try it anyways.  And that’s how IdeaParachute was born.

PS – The older posts you see in this blog used to be part of my Value Borne Blog, where I used to write about interesting ideas I found about life and business.  I moved them to this site as I will be probably suggesting many of these ideas to businesses.