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If you have a question not discussed here, please email it to us and we’ll respond.

Are you doing this for money?  No.  I enjoy writing about business, and this is a new approach I am testing.  No strings attached.

Are you not for profit organization?  No, see above response.

How do you find the companies you analyze?  I find them randomly using online company directories.

How deep do you dig into each company?  I look at what the company does overall and think of ideas I would likely consider if I were running the company.

How can you guarantee the ideas you suggest will work?  I don’t.  Contextual information is likely to be required  for accurate advice.  My hope is that these ideas help people think of better ideas that they can implement in their particular situation.

Who are the contributors?   For the moment, just myself.

What qualifies you to give others ideas to improve?  I’ve spent considerable time studying, learning and working in business.  Regardless, I’ve often found that good ideas come from the most unexpected places.

Can I send you my company information and ask for ideas?  Yes you can. Email me the company information and I will do my best to work on it in a future post.

Why do you think IdeaParachute is a good idea?  At this point, I’m willing to test it and see what it evolves into.